Vision Statement:

My Vision is to use light, color & movement. blending my love of color and art, to turn white into wow! Creating dynamic environments that sustain our own in individuality and artistic tastes so that we are nurtured. color is universal ! I'm your interpreter and color linguist! My goal is to bring your ideas and visions to life, even if you don't know where to start!


Gisele Chouinard:

Gisele Chouinard Commercial Artist, VermontI was born and raised in Central Vermont. At a very young age I developed a love for drawing and painting. I have studied art and color theory ,drawing and painting. I live, eat and breathe art! I have spent most of my life wanting to please individuals with my artwork. I am always drawing and painting what I've seen or envisioned. I have evolved as a professional artist, my inspirations and designs have come from living in the Green Mountain state. My paintings and designs are all about the beauty in the natural landscapes and mountains of Vermont. I love the state of mind our four seasons has to offer my artistic soul! I've studied in the United States and in Europe, allowing me to expand my horizons in many different mediums on large and small surfaces. Being diversified in my talents and skills artistically, I am able to develop unique ideas, designing and creating moods or atmospheres that my clients envision or to help them expand on what they need or want. I love using traditional methods & paints such as acrylics & oils. Being environmentally aware with green building, incorporating green paints & milk paints that are safe for homeowners and children, which are non-toxic and bio-degradable!




Art and color theory graded school: high school, 1979

Art Instruction Schools; Idn, MN, 1982 2yr Certificate

Reverse glass, painting and eglomise Painting: private studies with Bernadette Eddy, a well kown Vermont artist, 1983 - 1985

Associates degree: Art Studies Community College of Vt. 1985 / 31/2 yrs.
Memorial Drafting : 1yr Degree SHC of VT. / 1986

Architectural Drafting: 1yr Certificate Ind, MN / 1989

Private Studies : 2yr Studies in Wurzburg & Uttingen, Germany, 1989 - 1991

President of Paletteers, a local art organization, 1987-1989

Private Instructor / high school students / Portfolio Preparation for College students / 1987- 1989
While in Germany ,I was employed by the U.S. Army as an art instructor which included teaching ceramics with painting and glazing techniques, providing art instructions in multiple mediums such as drawing , acrylics and oil paint, brush and tool techniques to achieve a landscape or portrait painting. working with soldiers and their families, as well as individuals willing to learn.

Artists that influenced my style of painting were Leonardo da Vinci, Monat as well as Chinese forms of art . The artist in Vermont were more influential in my life because of their expertise. Bernadette Eddy was my greatest influence. She traveled all over the world, studying in Europe and the United States. I met Bernadette in my college studies and worked with her to develop my own style of painting. Her vast knowledge of art and techniques excited me to stay on with my true love of art. I also studied with a gentleman by the name of Roy Earl, an old country soul, so free with his paint, His views and techniques were fluid, working with large interior and exterior surfaces. Roy Earl encouraged me to grow artistically with his expertise in mural painting.