Keybank: " Gisele ,thanks so much for the wonderful Christmas mural you did for us on our large glass windows! our customers were so intrigued to watch the process of painting the mural on the window. They came back often just to watch you work and to see it completed. As you know our little town of Barre,Vermont our local businesses have a contest for best decorated windows at Christmas, what was great about you and your work ethics, helped us to win first place this year!!! you listened to our need ,worked with our budget and went around town to see what you could do to make us stand above the normal Christmas decorations . thank you again so much for the lovely work ! let's do again this year!

Warmly, Amy White, Branch Manager

Price Chopper SuperMarkets : " Gisele, it is always pleasant when you come and do work for us, we give you an idea and you work is outstanding. sometimes we plan ahead for our upcoming promotions and holidays, sometimes we just spring it on you and you are able to fulfill our need in a short notice! our customers love the artwork you do so well and they look forward to the next one to come and so do we. Thanks for putting up with our schedule,talk to you again soon for our next one at Thanksgiving!

Sincerely Paul Caldwel, Store Manager

 Delicate Decadance: " Dear Gisele, We have had so many comments on your new window mural piece, our customers love it!(and so do we) ! Thank you again for fitting us into your busy schedule on such s short notice. We look forward tpo mant more pieces of your artwork for our shop!

Warmly, Michelle Lundi, Owner

Everything But Anchovies: " Gisele, I want to thank you for being versatile and coming up with a unique solution to or window decor, we originally wanted you to paint on our windows but because of our window film to block out strong sunlight, you weren't able to paint on the surface, for various reasons. your unique solution to paint on framed glass and hang it in the window was awesome. now we can take them down and have you change them or we can hand them on a different wall instead of a window or were ever we please! great idea ! again thank you , hope to have many more !

Maureen Bogosio, Proprietor

Laquerre's Marine/ Snowmobile/ ATV Sales & Repairs: " Dear Gisele, thanks for the beautiful Glass Murals you do for us several times per year. It helps us promote our products and gears our clients to think about upcoming seasons and what they need to do to prepare for things like the winter months. you are snowing long before anyone else! It is always pleasurable to do business with you!

Sincerely, Joey Laquerre, Proprietor




Gisele, we are so happy with our bathroom, it is so elegant! What a transformation! We could not have done this renovation without your knowledge of color & the hammered metal finish.

Thank you so much!
Mr.& Mrs. LaRoche


Gisele, Thank you so much for helping us to envision our addition and turn it into reality. it is our favorite room in the house! Thank you for all of the extras you did as well!

Jodi, Jeff & Paige Parker

Reverse Glass Portrait: "Gisele, I wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you did for my grandmother's 99th birthday!! My Grandparent's wedding photo was in black & white and you transformed into color. my grandfather has been gone for almost 40yrs. and my grandmother's eye sight isn't so good anymore. you made a nice large piece for her she said " oh that's my husband, I miss him so ! she recognized who he was and just loves her painting. what will I do for her 100th? great job GG,

Love, Annette

Residential: "Gisele, I had re-painted my bedroom because I wanted to create a mood and warm place to relax, but I am not happy with the results, it really needs some help! since we have had a consultation together, you listened to my need and got a great sense of who I am and the sense of style I wanted to create. Country elegance I believe was your term, I love the choice of sketches you brought back to me and the color combinations, I found it easy to choose one. Now the work is done and i just love to go to my bedroom and retreat ! Thank you for creating a warm place for me ! Warmly,

Amy Storti

Reverse Glass Portrait - portrait of wedding couple: " Gisele, I was extremely pleased with the artwork I commissioned you to do for my friends! It will be a precious family air loom they will be able to pass on to their family members. they cried because it was the last thing they expected to receive as a wedding gift! they just loved it!

Warmly, Matt Calhoun

Color Consultation - working with homeowner to enhance current decor and add hand-painting in bathroom and a mural in master bedroom:" Gisele, I am glad you were able to come to my home and help me to decide what i wanted to do with my simple decor, I am looking forward to our next meeting and moving forward on my new project see you soon,